Foundation Castilla-la Mancha Tierra de Viñedos

Castilla-La Mancha is unique

Castilla-La Mancha is unique. It is a diverse region, multicultural, extreme, approachable and welcoming. Castilla-La Mancha is a region that overflows with history, gathering together as many traditions as inhabitants it has, something that is revealed in the plurality of all its Designations of Origin, its “Pagos” and in the “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla” (Wines of the Land of Castile).

The Foundation Castilla-La Mancha has an ambitious goal: to commercialize and promote all the wines and grape juice of Castile on the national and international markets as wines and grape juice of premium quality and with a unique added value that only our land can provide, our climate and our people.

It is under the designation “Vinos de la España de Don Quijote” (Wines of the Spain of Don Quixote) that the Foundation Castilla La Mancha, Tierra de Viñedos has created the calling card so that our wines will become the global model that our tradition demands.

This is precisely the direction that the Foundation Tierra de Viñedos is taking, and this time neither giants nor windmills will be able to lead us astray from our goal. This is what our land is requesting. Our wines and our grape juice deserve it.

Organigrama de la Fundación

Don Francisco Martínez Arroyo


D. José María Arcos González
D. Juan Fuente Rus
D. Román Cantarero López-Santacruz
D. Miguel Luis Casero Izquierdo
D. Enrique Cepeda González
D. José María Fresneda Fresneda
D. Esteban García Romero
D. Francisco José Garrido González
D. José Luis Martínez Hellín
D. Julián Morcillo Carrizo
D. José Luis Santiago Martínez
D. Félix Solís Yáñez

 Ramón M. Cañas Álvarez