Uclés Designation of Origin

History: The project of creating a singular designation of origin arose in the year 2003 with the initiative of eight Castellano-Manchego wineries from the provinces of Cuenca and Toledo, all of which enjoyed broad-spanning experience in the cultivation of grapes in these lands. On May 9 of 2005 the Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha published the standards for production of wines pertaining to the Uclés Designation of Origin, the same by way of an Order issued by the Department of Agriculture.

Geography and soil: This wine growing area is to be found on the South Plateau, west of the province of Cuenca and northwest of the province of Toledo. It occupies an area of 175,000 hectares, although only 1500 correspond to vines that are suitable for Uclés wines. Three geological areas are integrated: Sierra de Altomira, with an abrupt landscape relief and presence of dolomite limestone; Western Area, with a gentle rolling hill landscape, made up by sediments, flood plain and valley floors and the Eastern Area, intermediate depression made up by ternary deposits. The soils are highly varied, though of similar characteristics. The texture of the cultivated lands is considered to be sandy to loamy (sand and silt), with deep soil  that is not very fertile in most of the area. Although in the proximities of the Riánsares and Bedija rivers we find sandy loamy soil that is deep and with an average to high fertility level. The area of production of Uclés is highly suitable for vine growing, as the soil has good effective internal drainage and the availability of oxygen for the root systems is optimal.

Climate: The climate is continental in as far as the thermal regime is concerned, with regional differences mainly due to the variability of the relief and with quantitative and qualitative Mediterranean rainfall that in its whole would classify it as semi-arid. Rainfall in general stands at less than 500 mm, in which the dry periods cover the totality of the summer season, which in itself gives the area very characteristic and singular traits.

Varieties: The following varieties are accepted in the designation, the same only corresponding to red wine grapes: Tempranillo, Red Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah.


  • Street: Plza. Pelayo Quintero, 1
  • Postal Code: 16450
  • City: Uclés
  • Province: Cuenca