Wine Growing Tradition

Cultivation of the vine is an essential heritage of the region, promoting economic and social growth, the environment, culture and history, and it has also become an iconic landscape of this territory that has established customs and popular festivals in line with the same.

The vine has been present in Castilla-La Mancha since remote times, although its introduction as an organized and perfected crop took place during the Roman domain.

It was towards the middle of the 20th century when the true heyday of the contemporary vineyard in Castilla-La Mancha took place. This was when extensive vineyard cultivation actually kicked-off, with numerous cooperative wine growers arising throughout the region, most of which still continue strong.

During the last few decades and thanks to the repercussion of the diverse initiatives and investments made by the wineries, associations, regulator boards and the public administrations, the viniculture industry has modernized the entire production process of its wines, with quality winning over quantity.

In view of this situation, it can now be said that wine growing in the region is exemplary, that its wines once again enjoy the fame and recognition of centuries gone by and that, as in former times, writers and lovers of wine are once again dedicating their best work to this culture.