Quality Factors

Castilla-La Mancha is a fortunate region, counting as it does with appropriate terrain, a beneficial climate and a tremendous diversity in the varieties of grapes, with a long-standing tradition in vine growing and wine production. This is a guarantee for optimal growth of our vines, which in turn allows our industry to flourish, as is the case with the quality of the vine in our region.

The variety of the vine, along with the climate and soil, dictate the quality of the fruit and have a direct effect and impact on the flavour, colour and aroma of the subsequent wine. These factors, along with the existing know-how in that pertaining to production, imprint the definitive characteristics of the wine. Hence there is the reason why it is so important to count with adequate environmental factors for the production of wine.

The vineyards of Castilla-La Mancha are to be found on a great plateau of loose and healthy soil, with a crystal clear vocation for wine growing. The composition of the soil is clay over limestone, and its lithologic nature is variable depending on the area of origin of the same, factor that favours its own diversity and agricultural profiting.

Although it is a southern area, its latitude is compensated by the height that exceeds 600 metres above sea level and, in some areas it stands about 900 metres and even reaches 1000 metres in some points; consequently its climate is adequate for the production of high quality wines: a Mediterranean climate with continental degradation, clearly marked seasons and important thermal differences (daily and seasonal), circumstance that is highly favourable for the production of aromas.

The scarcity of rainfall is compensated by the abundant underground water-bearing stratums or aquifers and with the current reconversion of a good part of the vineyards, and even with new plantations, with the introduction of drip irrigation systems and espaliered systems, which among other things allow for mechanized harvesting and rationalization of other tasks.

Luminosity, a fundamental factor in the physiological phenomena of the vine, is absolutely favourable in this region. In general terms, if the Spanish vineyards receive more than 2500 hours of sunlight, the vineyards of Castilla-La Mancha obtain about another thousand, circumstance that some have defined as the “viticulture of light”.